JAVA Launguage

Trainer: Rashmi Desai

Fees: 499 INR/Session
Mode: Online
Start learning Java Language from Basic and become a perfect in few months only.

Python Language

Trainer: Kajal Agrawal

Fees: 999 INR / Session
Mode: Online
Learn Python Language with Experts from Scratch and become Experts in any type of Python.

BPO Training

Trainer: Diya Sen

Fees: 4999 INR Full Course
Mode: Online
It is just learning about BPO and its Training. Try it and become experts only in few Months.


Digital marketing

Trainer: Rajat Sharma

Fees: 12999 INR Full Course
Mode: Online
Learn Digital Marketing from Basic and make yourself Master. Our Experts will make it easy.

MS Word

Trainer: Shipra

Fees: 2999 INR Full Course
Mode: Online
Be a Microsoft Word expert by learning the basics. Each topic is taught through live projects. Book Dem Now.

MS Excel

Trainer: Santosh

Fees: 7999 INR Full Course
Mode: Online
Develop your MS Excel skills and become an expert. Get hands-on experience with real projects.


Trainer: Sameer

Fees: 2999 INR Full Course
Mode: Online
You will become an expert in MS PPT after learning the basics. We will take each topic and apply it to projects.

MS Office 365

Trainer: Pankaj

Fees: 9999 INR Full Course
Mode: Online
Get the basics of Microsoft Office and become an expert. Complete each topic with live projects.